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'I found Darren really helpful in the gym while asking for some stomach exercises & decided to give his sports massage a try as I had been recently diagnosed with a frozen shoulder from the physiotherapist. After my first session I noticed an improvement in the movement of my left shoulder. On returning to the physiotherapist I was told that it wasn't frozen shoulder after all but kept on seeing Darren as I found the sports massage sessions very beneficial.' - Jay

'For some reason I always feel something goes wrong with my body just before I am due to go on holiday. Mainly in my back, neck or shoulders. I turn to Darren for the use of his massage skills and have said to him on more than one occasion that he he's got miracle hands. My confidence in Darren's treatments are very high.' - Diana

'Love receiving massages in general & was so impressed with Darren's onsite chair massage when he paid us a visit at work; I paid him a visit for a full body massage at Southbury leisure centre. Now he visits us once a month at our office in the Royal Bank of Scotland/Halifax I am always one of the first to put my name down.' - Jackie

'I find I always carry my stress & tension in my neck and shoulders. So make a point of trying to see Darren about once a month for one of his Indian Head massages As they reduce my tension a great deal. I sometimes combine this with an onsite chair massage as I love having my back massaged as well.' - Alice

'After splitting up with my ex wife I felt really depressed & couldn't face, going to work. Since receiving aromatherapy with Darren I have felt much better and have gone back to work full time after starting back on a part time basis.' - Andy

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